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Has odd-even formula helped control Delhi pollution?

Nov 04, 2019 18:40 IST

This hazy morning…. a day after residents of the national capital celebrated the festival of lights… The Air Quality Index stood was lowest in past five years…. but still much higher than healthy levels…. The previous night, Delhi government organized this mega laser show in Connaught Place…. This was Arvind Kejriwal-led government’s… one of the attempts to dissuade people from bursting crackers… Thousands watched this spectacle… The Kejriwal government foresaw the crisis… and announced the implementation of vehicle rotation scheme, the Odd-Even, between November 4 and 15. The anti-pollution deterrent is one of the seven measures launched by the Delhi government to curb pollution… and will be in place from 8 am to 8 pm… Unlike the previous occasions, CNG fitted vehicles would also be included…but like in the past, two-wheelers will be exempted… The Delhi government has exempted women and cars carrying children in school uniform, including those driven by men… However, male drivers will only be allowed during school timings… Ministers and officers of the Delhi government will also not be exempted, and a breach will lead to a fine of rupees 4,000…. But Delhi’s air pollution problems are not caused by private vehicular traffic alone and it is not even the prime culprit.... Delhiites alone own over one crore vehicles with more than 30 lakhs four-wheelers on the road. And with the Delhi government exempting the scooterists, and cars replaced by a higher number of trips by autos and taxis, the very aim of the Odd-Even is not served. Multiple surveys have shown, the car rotation scheme may fetch short term goals but is not an effective deterrent in the long run... A comprehensive anti-pollution policy is needed to let Delhiites breathe....