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Happy birthday Elon Musk, the 'real-life Tony Stark'

Jun 28, 2020 16:03 IST

Tech billionaire Elon Musk turned 49 on Sunday, and netizens gave him his due with memes, wishes flooding social media. The Tesla and Space X CEO needs no introduction, he has been in the news recently due to his son's rather odd name. Musk has been an inspiration to many. He has been in the limelight from his PayPal days decades ago, his electric car company Tesla motivated many entrepreneurs to offer mobility solutions that run on renewable energy. His company, SpaceX, made history recently after it sent 2 NASA astronauts to the International Space Station, the first private player to do so. Musk is known to speak his mind on social media, some instances of which, has also got him into trouble, he has over the years become a pop culture icon of sorts, making nerdiness look cool. Here's wishing a very happy birthday to our 'real-life Tony Stark'.