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On Dharmendra's birthday, here's looking at his 5 iconic films

Dec 08, 2019 16:47 IST

As Bollywood’s veteran actor Dharmendra turns 84, here's a look at some of his iconic films. 1: ‘Phool Aur Pathar’ First up, is ‘Phool Aur Pathar’ in 1966. The actor portrays the role of a robber who falls in love with a young widow played by Meena Kumari. The film catapulted the young man from Punjab to stardom. 2: 'Satyakam' 'Satyakam', which released in 1969, is based on a Bengali novel of the same title. An idealist Dharamendra meets a girl who was raped and marries her. But despite his idealism, he is unable to accept her or her child completely. The film showcased the actor’s acting skills beyond his superstar image. 3: 'Guddi' Despite being a film lined by a female star and revolving around her in 1971 'Guddi', Dharmendra aced his role as Guddi's obsession. 4: 'Sholay' In 1975 came 'Sholay'. Dharmendra played the character of Veeru with his companion Jai, played by Big B and their friendship was the one which gained all limelight. 5: 'Chupke Chupke' In the same year, our own ‘Garam Dharam’ played the role of botany professor who masks himself as a taxi driver in 'Chupke Chupke'. Displaying his flair for comedy along with co-star Amitabh Bachan, Dharmendra won great applause for his comic timing.