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Guilty of binging in the festive season? These simple hacks will help!

Nov 09, 2020 14:56 IST

You’re not alone if you can’t resist that extra besan ka ladoo in the festive season! The festive spirit and the wide variety of food- mithai, snacks makes it difficult for us to watch our calories. The festivities are muted this year, but that shouldn't stop us from celebrating with family at home while following allCovid-19 safety protocols. But you mustn’t let go waste the months of exercise! We’ve got some simple hacks for you to keep in mind while binging on the yummy delicacies. Breakfast is key Skipping breakfast in these festive days is a big no. In fact, these are the days you must eat a big, healthy breakfast as the rest of the day is filled with unplanned binging. A good breakfast in the morning will keep you going for the rest of the day. Power workout to kickstart the day A short 30-minute workout to kickstart the day may be a good idea. The extra consumption of sugar during these days could lead to fatigue . But a quick workout is all you need to power your day and balance out those extra calories! Keep your beverages in check Who doesn’t love chilled soft drinks to go along with the delicious festive treats that are laid on the table? They come with absolutely zero nutritional benefits so it is advisable to cut down on the fizz. Replace sugar-laden soft drinks with infused water or green tea. Load up on roughage It is a good idea to add some salad to every meal. Foods high in fibre will help you feel fuller for longer and aid digestion. You can include a whole lot of green and black beans, chia seeds and chickpeas in your diet. Get that beauty sleep The long card sessions and family dinners may make it difficult to catch up on the required amount of sleep. But it is important get some quality sleep to stay healthy. A good uninterrupted sleep keeps the body healthy, aids digestion and boosts gut health and immunity. If you follow these simple hacks, you’re going to sail through the festive season!