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Government Postpones Fastag Deadline To February 15, 2021

Dec 31, 2020 21:09 IST

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highway has extended the deadline for the adoption of Fastag on the National Highways. The deadline was originally January 1, which has now been extended to February 15, 2021. The National Highways Authority of India was slated to completely switch over to FASTag payment at toll plazas from January 1 onwards, which meant FASTags needed to be retrofitted on all four-wheelers and commercial vehicles. The cashless fee collection will now be mandatory from February 15 onwards. In addition, the government will be converting all lanes barring one lane on each side to be dedicated FASTag lanes. Vehicles using the non-FASTag lanes will be liable to pay double the normal toll fee in a bid to discourage cash transactions. At present, the share of transactions made through FASTag is said to be around 75-80 per cent.