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#GalaxyUnpacked: Samsung officially launches the Galaxy Buds+

Feb 12, 2020 12:46 IST

Along with its new smartphones for the 2020 model year, Samsung has also unveiled its refreshed Galaxy Buds+ truly wireless earbuds. They mostly retain the design from the original model, but get a few upgrades in the spec department, especially the battery life. The Galaxy Buds+ are now rated to last up to 11 hours, with one additional charge stored in the carrying case. While touch functions remain the same, there's a dedicated one-touch shortcut to launch Spotify, extending the partnership between the two firms. A second external microphone has been added to improve call audio quality, but there's still no active noise cancellation. Available from February 14, the Galaxy Buds+ cost $149.99 in the US, with Indian pricing and availability yet to be announced.


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