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First look at Apple iPhone 12 and MagSafe charger

Nov 10, 2020 14:08 IST

Apple iPhone 12 comes packing some impressive hardware, like the first commercial 5nm-based SoC, the A14 Bionic. Additionally, the iPhone 12 marks a significant change in the way Apple has designed and developed the non-Pro models. This year, the non-Pro iPhone 12 matches in almost every way to the more expensive iPhone 12 Pro, with the only notable omission being that fo the telephoto lens and the LiDAR scanner. This year, Apple also removed the bundled charger and the EarPods from the box, sparking outrage just like they did when they removed the headphone jack. Today, we have the iPhone 12, and its two new accessories: the MagSafe Charger and a MagSafe compatible clear case.