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Farmers breach Haryana blockade, Delhi borders garrisoned

Nov 26, 2020 16:49 IST

Iron barricades … water cannons on a chilly winter morning … tear gas wafting in the polluted skies … could not stop protesting farmers on this bridge connecting Haryana with Punjab to march towards the national capital on Thursday. Determined to enter Haryana as part of their 'Delhi Chalo' march against the Centre's contentious farm laws, iron barricades went down the bridge. The farmers are in tractors, trolleys and other vehicles and expected to reach Delhi later in the day. The national capital’s borders have too been sealed with Delhi Police using trucks filled with sand at Singhu border. Multiple reports say a number of people were picked up from the Gurdawaras by the police in Delhi. Supporting the peaceful protest by farmers, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that peaceful demonstration was a constitutional right of the farmers.