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All you need to know about Motera Cricket Stadium

Feb 24, 2020 14:05 IST

The iconic Motera cricket ground that hosted American President Donald Trump and PM Narendra Modi has got a rich history of its own. It’s the largest cricket stadium in the World and the 2nd biggest stadium overall after North Korea’s Rungrado May Day Stadium. The new facility can seat over 1,10,000 fans which is over 10,000 more than the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground. It was recently renovated by the Gujarat Cricket Association at a cost of over Rs 800 crore. Back in the day, Motera first hosted a match in Nov 1983 when India played West Indies in a Test match. The last match played at this ground was a T20 encounter between India and arch-rivals Pakistan. At Motera Cricket Ground, Sunil Gavaskar completed his 10,000 career runs during a series vs Pakistan in 1987. Kapil Dev also broke Richard Hadlee’s then world record of 431 wickets. In 1999, Sachin Tendulkar also smashed a double hundred in Motera against New Zealand.