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Explained: calls to postpone JEE-NEET and govt's response

Aug 25, 2020 23:41 IST

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy warning his own government as the nation’s students continue to demand postponement of entrance tests for medical and engineering course due in September. The students from 11 states moved the Supreme Court but their plea for postponement of examination has been rejected The exams which are scheduled in the first two weeks of September are being opposed as the lockdown enforced to prevent spread of Covid-19 has not been lifted. Students fear that will be susceptible to contracting virus in exam centres. Many aspirants also claim that their exam centres are far from their homes and there is a risk in travelling. The floods in many states across the country have only added to the problems of aspirants. Several Opposition leaders, including Rahul Gandhi have asked the government to postpone the exams. Actor Sonu Sood, who hold an engineering degree and had been helping needy during the coronavirus-induced lockdown, too has called for postponement of the entrance tests.. The government, multiple reports, quoting sources say, is in no mood to turn back the decision. The National Testing Agency which conducts both the exams says it has made preparation for the safety of aspirants amid the pandemic. The testing agency also cities the refusal of Supreme Court to cancel the exams. In a recent statement it noted that life has to move on and a full academic year can’t be wasted. On complains about exam centres, the NTA noted that over 99 per cent of the aspirants had option to pick a centre of their choice. The surge in the coronavirus infections in the recent past has only added to the worries of students and parents, but having postponed the exams twice before, a third time postponement appears highly unlikely.