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Expect a 7.7% pay hike in 2021: Aon survey

Feb 24, 2021 11:41 IST

The Indian workforce can expect an average of 7.7% increment in 2021 as per the Aon India Salary Increase Survey . This marks a rise from 6.4% last year but ex 2020 it is still the lowest salary increase since post financial crisis in 2009. (can we use the graph they have in their presentation on page 3). The rise in salaries is in co-relation with the fact the Indian economy is expected to get back on the growth track in the current year. GDP numbers due on Friday should indicate that India has exited the recession.

No surprises that e-commerce and VC backed companies are likely to see salary hikes above the national average at 10.1% . Tech companies follow in close with an expectation of 9.7% hike. It will remain a struggle for those in Hospitality sector with a projected 5.5% rise as the industry continues to limp back into shape.

Aon survey also indicates that average variable pay  as a percentage the fixed pay will come down across sectors led by financial institutions.

With 88% companies surveyed intending to give salary increases in 2021, as compared to 75% companies in 2020 the economic indicators are seemingly on the mend. Infant at 7.7% the pay hike will be better than most major economies, including Japan, the US, China, Singapore, Germany and the UK, where the average salary growth will be between 3.1% and 5.5%. (Last can also use a graphic with flags and % of hike anticipated from the presentation)

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