EU will not ban Huawei, but impose 'strict' 5G rules | Editorji
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EU will not ban Huawei, but impose 'strict' 5G rules

Jan 28, 2020 20:14 IST

The European Union has said it will not ban Chinese telecom giant Huawei or any other company in Europe, but impose strict rules on them, amid pressure from Washington to shun the firm over spying fears. The European Commission, said it is not a question of discrimination, but a question of laying down rules. Europe will welcome all operators who are willing to follow rules. The proposal is part of a so-called "toolbox" of recommendations that will guide the EU's 27 post-Brexit member states as they build crucial 5G networks. Huawei is one of the world's leading network technology suppliers, and along with European telecom companies Nokia and Ericsson, is capable of building 5G networks. The United States sees the company as a potential threat to cybersecurity.