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Eat these high-protein snacks to stay healthy on the go!

Apr 14, 2021 17:03 IST | By Vishakha Somani

We all sometimes feel that little afternoon slump and crave a tasty treat to recharge our body to push through the rest of the day. The situation calls for a snack that can be easily made or just eaten out of the box. But more often than not, snacks just aren’t as filling and we never know when to stop munching.  

This is where protein-rich snacking can save the day. A vital nutrient for the body, protein will make sure that your snack will satiate your cravings and keep you full for longer.  

Here are six protein-rich foods that can be consumed as healthy snacks on the go!  


Eggs are compact packages of nutritive values. They are rich in protein as well as vitamin D and selenium. You can have a hard-boiled egg, an omelette or spruce up a quick egg salad.  


Snack on half a cup of plain yogurt for about 11 grams of protein intake. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, add some berries, dates or nuts of your choice.  


They’re portable and require zero prep time. Munch on some roasted nuts like almonds, peanuts or walnuts on the go. Amongst seeds, shelled pumpkin seeds in particular are a rich protein source. Make a trail mix with all your favourites!   


Paneer or cottage cheese isn’t just for shahi dishes and paneer tikka. For healthy snacking, you can have a single serving of paneer with a little bit of salt and pepper, whip up a paneer salad or make a quick paneer sandwich.  


Soak some chia or sabja seeds in water and enjoy the magic. The rich, gooey mixture is loaded with important nutrients and a whole lot of protein. You can make a healthy drink with soaked chia seeds and turn it into a sweet pudding with some honey and berries.  


Peanut butter is the holy grail of snacking but make sure you buy pure sugar-free peanut butter with zero additives. Whether you like it crunchy or smooth, you can snack on just a spoon of this butter or spread it over roti or some toasted bread. 

There’s no avoiding a mid-meal or late-night craving but keeping the right snacks by your side will help you steer clear of unhealthy binge eating habits.  

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