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Dogs, too, are being mentally affected by the pandemic

Aug 26, 2020 17:59 IST

Raising an alarm on International Dog Day, pet charity Dog Trust has released some unsettling research about how the pandemic is affecting the mental health of man's best friend. The UK’s largest dog welfare charity says that more than a quarter of owners report their dog has developed new behavioural problems amid the lockdown. Of the 6,000 dog parents surveyed, 55% say that their dog has changed a lot with an 82% increase in reports of dogs whining or barking when a household member was busy. Over 45% said their dog has become more clingy and follows them around the house. What's worse, the charity predicts that around 40,000 dogs could be at the risk of abandonment due to this problematic behaviours. The charity's research director, Rachel Casey said, 'dogs that had separation anxiety before the lockdown are likely to get worse when left again as owners head back to work. Puppies will face a particularly tough time as they have learned to expect company all day.