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Doctors question AYUSH ministry's Covid-19 cures | BOOM

Oct 12, 2020 16:50 IST

The Health Ministry has released an official protocol for using ayurveda and yoga for prevention of Covid-19 as well as treatment for mild or no symptoms like sipping hot milk, hot water, yoga, using herbs like Giloy and Guducchi etc. The Indian Medical Association has asked the Health Ministry if there is any evidence to endorse these Covid-19 treatment protocols and if the govt themselves are using ayurveda to prevent or treat the novel coronavirus. Dr. R V Asokan, Secretary General, Indian Medical Association says that this is concerning on behalf of patients. Any science that is suggested has to be backed by evidence- the standards for inspection and scrutiny for ayurveda and allopathy are not different in India. Currently, there isn't enough transparency in data that can confirm whether ayurveda can work against coronavirus or not. The disease progresses in different ways for many people, it is not sensible to wait for serious symptoms to set in and then act to save someone's life. He goes on to say that Dr Harsh Vardhan himself has said that available data is empirical. It cannot be accepted for a national protocol. National protocols have 2 important scientific standards - one, the same protocol should be replicable by an unbiased team across the world. Two, it should pass through a double blind controlled study, only post which the treatment or prevention line can be accepted as a national protocol without bias.