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Distractions through media won't help poor: Rahul Gandhi

Aug 26, 2020 11:59 IST

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday morning took a fresh jibe at the government saying "distractions through media won't help the poor or make the economic disaster disappear." RBI has now confirmed what I have been warning for months, he said in a tweet after the central bank issued warning on economic contraction in its annual report. "The pandemic has also exposed new inequities - white collar employees can work from home while essential workers have to work on site, exposed to the risk of getting infected. In some areas of work such as hospitality, hotels and restaurants, airlines and tourism, employment losses are more severe than in other areas. The poorest have been hit the hardest," the RBI mentioned in its latest annual report The Congress leader also suggested that the government needs to spend more and not lend more. Give money to the poor, not tax cuts to industrialists, he added.