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Dilip Chhabria Arrested In DC Avanti Car Scam

Dec 31, 2020 21:06 IST

Indian car designer Dilip Chhabria and founder of DC Design was arrested earlier this week in Mumbai in a cheating and forgery case. The Mumbai Crime Branch's preliminary investigation has revealed that DC Design posed as customers to purchase their own car and avail loans from Non-Banking Financial Companies for the DC Avanti. About 90 cars were used for fraudulent financing for a loan of about Rs. 42 lakh on each car. These cars were then registered in another state before selling them to a third party. According to the Mumbai Police, the scam is to the tune of Rs. 40 crore that could increase up to Rs. 100 crore as investigation progresses. Chhabria has been sent to police custody till January 2, 2021.