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Dealing with PMS: some diet dos and don'ts

Jan 14, 2021 13:45 IST

Pre-menstrual Syndrome or PMS is a condition that many women deal with. For many, the symptoms can be severe. PMS can lead to feeling bloated to extreme mood swings. Here are some things you could do, to help deal with PMS better.

#1 Don't skip breakfast or meals

Skipping meals will only make you more irritable, due to the fall in your blood sugar levels. Moreover, you should avoid overly processed foods loaded with salt, which could enhance bloating and water retention.

#2 Control those cravings
Women often crave sweet foods during PMS, so grabbing a dessert seems like a quick fix. Depressive moods during PMS are caused by a lower levels of progesterone in the body, and hence it triggers the need for comfort food. So resist those cravings and choose healthy snack alternatives, like whole grains or fruits.

#3 Don't forget to exercise

While getting comfortable may provide some relief, it is important to get moving! Studies have shown that maintaining a healthy weight may prevent PMS. Don't forget to exercise, do yoga or practise some deep breathing, they will help reduce stress. and relax the mind.

#4 Remember to hydrate

Drink your fill of water! Being hydrated will help you flush out the toxins.