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CW Projects - Kanpur Metro Project

Nov 18, 2020 00:00 IST

Kanpur Metro is a rail-based mass transit system that is under construction for the city of Kanpur, India, and is extendable to the Kanpur metropolitan area as well. Following the feasibility study by RITES in June 2015, this metro project was approved by the Central government at an estimated cost of 11,076.48 crores and a five-year time limit. Besides that,The European Investment Bank has proposed to provide a Euro 650 million loan for the project as well. The proposed Metro Rail course incorporates IIT, Rawatpur, Bada Chauraha, Motimahal, Kanpur Central, ISBT Jhakarkati, and Naubasta. By arrangement, the metro course would start from IIT Kalyanpur-Rawatpur, Mall Road, Phoolbagh, Kanpur Central Station, and the transport terminal of Jhakarkati-Kidwai Nagar. A 17 km track will be hoisted on this highway, while rest of the 8 km will be underground. From IIT to Harsh Nagar, the course will be lifted and from Chunniganj to ISBT Jhakarkati utilizing Parade, Bada Chauraha and Central Station the course will be underground.From Transport Nagar to Naubasta the track will be hoisted again.