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Covid-19 & obesity: UK restaurant menus to have calorie counts

Jul 27, 2020 19:46 IST

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson seems to cracking down on Britain's bulging waistlines. In a new initiative by the UK govt, restaurants will have to display calories on menus. Other measures outlined include bans on 'buy one get one free' deals on fast food items, junk food television adverts being aired before 9pm and a 'consultation' on placing calorie labels on alcohol. The plan also includes restrictions on where foods high in fat and sugar can be promoted in stores. The need to tackle the country's obesity problem, seems to be triggered by the coronavirus crisis. Growing evidence shows a link between obesity and an increased risk to contract Covid-19. Studies show that nearly 8% of critically-ill Covid-19 patients in intensive care units were categorised as morbidly obese, compared with less than 3% of the general population. Two-thirds of UK adults are above a healthy weight, with 36% overweight and 28% obese, according to government data.