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Comeback for Bajaj's legendary 'Chetak' in all-electric form

Oct 17, 2019 08:39 IST

India's second largest automaker, Bajaj Auto, on Wednesday announced the comeback of its scooter segment with the launch of its all-electric scooter - Chetak. Bajaj had stopped production of scooters in 2009 to focus on motorcycles. The legendary Chetak will be available in two modes providing a range of 85 kilometres in Eco mode and 95 kilometres in Sport mode. The company, didn't reveal the price, but said that the electric scooter will only be available for sale from January 2020 in Pune and will gradually enter Bengaluru. Bajaj said that they will decide on further expansion to other regions depending on sales in the two cities. Interestingly, plastic was not used during manufacturing of the e-scooter and the company has also done away with their insignia from its body.