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'Borat 2' trailer takes on Trump vs Biden debate

Oct 02, 2020 13:16 IST

Sacha Baron Cohen's iconic 'Borat' character is set to return for a sequel just in time for the US presidential elections. The makers have unveiled a trailer of the film which pokes fun at Donald Trump and the many issues that have been associated with the President. The trailer also takes a dig at the Trump Vs. Biden debate and references the coronavirus pandemic, with Borat attacking it with a pan before being told the virus is still here. 'Borat 2' was shot in secret after ban on filming was eased after the coronavirus lockdown, and is the first feature to be completed entirety after the pandemic hit. According to reports, Cohen 'risked his life' to make the movie and wore bulletproof vests as there were many risky and dangerous scenes. 'Borat 2' will start streaming on Amazon Prime Video from November 2.