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Blamed for Delhi violence, who is Deep Sidhu?

Jan 27, 2021 10:59 IST

Who is Deep Sidhu, who is being blamed for instigating farm protester and leading them to Red Fort?

1. Deep Sidhu is a 36-year-old Punjabi actor and activist

2. A known supporter of Khalistani terrorist Bhindranwale

3. Was part of BJP MP Sunny Deol's core team in Gurdaspur in 2019 polls

4. Sunny Deol has since then publically dissociated himself from Sidhu

5. Part of farmers protest at Delhi borders since the start

6. Barred from speaking at the protest stage by the farm unions

7. Posted video justifying hoisting of Nishan Sahib at the Red Fort

8. Farm leaders called Sidhu a "govt agent", who was provoking the protesters