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'Bhot buri gal hai': Punjab’s 'farmer dadi' schools Kangana

Dec 02, 2020 16:51 IST

73-year-old Mohinder Kaur, whose picture actress Kangana Ranaut tweeted to claim that she was the same septuagenarian woman who was the spot light of the anti-CAA stir, in Delhi, has lashed out at the actress. Kaur trended on twitter after Kangana claimed that 'farmer dadi' was available for protest for ₹100. Kaur, a resident of village Bahadurgarh Jandian of Bathinda, has around 13 acres of land which she once tilled herself after her husband was diagnosed with asthma. While the actor deleted the tweet after she was slammed for sharing fake news, Kaur told the Indian Express that she was told some actor wrote about her. She said Kangana never visited her house, never saw what she is doing. ‘Bhot buri gal hai’, she told the newspaper.