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Best wireless headphones 2020 - Digit zero 1 awards

Dec 31, 2020 15:16 IST

While some audio purists continue to put wired cans on a pedestal, it is hard to deny how far their wireless counterparts have come from the Bluetooth technology’s infancy stages. Today, wireless headphones have come pretty close to eliminating latency that often plagued users a few years ago, and to add to that, these cordless cans also have some nifty features under their belt. Wireless headphones are exploding in popularity with some of the bigger names in consumer audio devices putting more time and effort into developing them over their wired counterparts. Additionally, wireless headphones are often more compact and travel-friendly. The next time you’re on a plane, which is rarer these days due to the pandemic, take a look around you. Chances are a majority of passengers will be donning a nice pair of wireless cans. For good reason too, since you now have enhanced Bluetooth connectivity, increased battery life, and support for a healthy number of advanced codecs. Features such as ANC are also more prevalent on wireless cans in comparison to wired ones. This year, we were treated with testing out a number of good contenders for this burgeoning category. Let’s see who came out on the top.