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Best smart speakers 2020 - Digit zero 1 awards

Jan 01, 2021 15:13 IST

With the barrage of IoT solutions in the market that continually make our homes smarter, smart speakers equipped with AI assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri have now transpired to become extremely nifty digital helpers. Holed up inside these smart speakers, the assistants respond to our varied requests, carry out basic and advanced functions on IoT devices, play music, and much more. The market is now flooding with options of smart speakers and if you want to go ahead and build a smart home, purchasing the right one for your needs is vital. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant-powered smart speakers are possibly the most widely used now, however, Apple’s Siri-powered speakers are also becoming a viable option, especially for those who are deep into the Apple ecosystem. Smart speakers, that were once not known for their audio quality, have begun making strides in this department with increasingly competent audio performance. The voice recognition and talkback features are also becoming more robust as technology continues to develop. Let’s delve right into the smart speaker that snagged the Digit Zero1 award this year.