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Best gaming headsets 2020 - Digit zero 1 awards

Dec 31, 2020 15:09 IST

ou can have the very best gaming setup possible but if you’re lacking in the audio performance department, your ability to have an immersive and wholesome gaming experience will be tainted. Gaming headsets are vital components in gaming setups, be it PC, console, or even mobile gaming. A good pair of gaming headphones can provide you with spatial and directional awareness in the virtual gaming world, which can often give gamers a competitive edge. Additionally, having a gaming headset with a top-notch microphone is also essential, especially when you play with multiplayer games with teammates. Inadequate microphone quality can not only hinder your own gaming experience but also plague your teammates with distortion, excessive background noise, and the works. In the sea of gaming headsets that are on the market today, picking out gems can often prove to be a chore. If you’re looking for the very best gaming headsets that released in 2020 in India, look no further. Despite the lack of releases this year in this category due to obvious reasons, we did get our hands on a few capable gaming headsets. Let’s delve into the contender that beat out the others to claim the Digit Zero1 trophy.