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Be Pawsitive: pets spread love, not virus

Apr 20, 2020 16:35 IST

Theres been a lot of talk of pets leading to covid-19 leading to many pets across the world being shunned out of the house by their owners, but before you rush to blame your furry companions for spreading the disease, we’re here to bust some myths about wether or not pets can transfer the virus. The conversation around animals being susceptible to the diesse began when a tiger in a New York Zoo tested positive for the virus. However, vets at the Bronx Zoo believe it was a human to animal transmission and not the other way around. There is currently no data to show that pets can transfer the virus. Even the WHO has said that there no known animal source of the Covid-19 yet, and doctors back home have backed the world body. Many celebrities and politicians have also issued appeals asking people to not abandon their pets in these uncertain times. So while we’re in a lockdown that seems its going to be extended, the best idea is to keep out pets close for some love and comfort!

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