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At ₹1,800/hour, Geneva adopts world's highest minimum wage!

Oct 05, 2020 18:27 IST

With a 58% majority vote, the city of Geneva in Switzerland has agreed to a minimum wage of 23 Swiss francs that is Rs. 1,800 per hour. The wage is believed to be the highest minimum wage to be adopted by anyplace in the world. While Switzerland has no minimum wage set, the decision to impose one in Geneva was backed by labour unions, who reportedly say that Covid-19 has shown that the 4,000 Swiss francs per month wage is the 'minimum to not fall below the poverty line' and sustain life in Geneva. Speaking to CNN, Geneva State Counselor Mauro Poggia said, 'This new minimum wage will apply to about 6% of the canton's workers as of November 1.'