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Yoga with Bhavana Mittal - At Your Desk

Dec 11, 2020 18:58 IST

Now that most of us are working from home, many would not have ergonomically designed chairs like in the office, that can support the spines and hips adequately. When we slouch while we work for long hours, the body suffers - resulting in tight hips and shoulders, a creaky neck and an aching back. Leaving home for an actual workout is not feasible, but a little yoga, even while sitting on the chair, can reduce discomfort, relieve stress, increase energy and clear our minds. In this edition of ‘Yoga with Bhavana Mittal,’ we present some yoga poses that can be incorporated in our daily routines for a quick stretch at any time to feel happier and healthier. The video would help in practicing all the five movements of the spine - forward bend, backward bend, inversion, lateral movement and twists all within 15 minutes while sitting at our desk. The spine is one of the most important parts of our body, without which we cannot keep ourselves upright. It is also designed to protect our spinal cord, a column of nerves that connects our brain to the rest of our body, allowing us to control our movements. Any defect in the spine’s structure due to wrong posture, lifestyle or stress can cause problems in the nervous system. A strong and supple spine ensures the efficiency, health and longevity of the central nervous system. On the physical level, a healthy spine allows us to bend in different directions. A good asana practice helps in maintaining the intervertebral space, improving blood circulation in the muscles, increasing muscle strength, maintaining the full range of spinal movement and flexibility, thereby, protecting the spine and keeping it healthy. On the psychological level, stress, anxiety causes the muscles at the back of the head and neck to become tightened and spasmed. With yoga practice, we can release this physical tension; which directly relieves the psychological stress. On the energy level, spinal health is of utmost importance to keep our chakras balanced. A strong spine is necessary to meditate (to sit comfortably for a long duration) and to work on balancing the chakras. Bhavana Mittal is VP - Media and Digital at RPSG Group. She is a certified yoga trainer from Sivananda Yoga Centre, Gurgaon and likes to teach yoga in her spare time.