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All you need to know about major Covid-19 vaccines

Nov 21, 2020 10:47 IST

Leading Covid-19 vaccine developers across the world have reported good results from their trials in the past week raising hopes that the first batch of vaccine will be available sooner than expected. Pfizer, Moderna and Russia’s Sputnik V have all reported efficacy rates of over 90%, which are way above WHO’s criteria of 50%. As the world continues to combat the deadly virus that has claimed over 1.34 milion lives so far, we take a look at the reported effectiveness, price and proposed availability of the various vaccines being developed. Pharma giant Pfizer has reported that it’s vaccine that is being developed in partnership with German company BioNTech has shown 95% effectiveness across different ages and ethnicities in late-stage human trials. The company has applied for an emergency authorisation with US drugs agency and expects to start delivering the medicine by Christmas if it receives the nod. Pfizer has claimed that it will make 50 million vaccine doses this year and then produce up to 1.3 billion doses in 2021. The vaccine will reportedly cost $20 per dose. US biotech company Moderna has claimed that its vaccine candidate has shown 94.5% efficacy in the premliminary results from its late-stage trials. Moderna has said it will seek an emergency nod for their drug so that it can used for patients in high-risk groups. It is expected to produce about 2020 million doses for US by end of 2020. Moderna’s vaccine has announced that their vaccine will cost $37 per dose. Meanwhile the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine candidate has produced a strong immune reaction in older adults aged 56-69 and adults over 70, according to phase 2 trial results published in Lancet medical journal. The results of the late-stage trial of Oxford’s vaccine are expected to be released in December. The drug is being manufactured in India by Serum Institute of India and its CEO Adar Poonawalla has said the vaccine will be available for priority groups by around February 2021 and for general public by around April. SII will reportedly seek an emergency nod from India’s drug regulator in December. Poonawalla has said that vaccine will available to general public at a cost of $5-6 per dose and the Centre will get it for $3-4 per dose.