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After Bengaluru, lockdown in 2 more Kannada districts

Jul 13, 2020 17:40 IST

After Bengaluru urban and rural, lockdown has been announced in Dharwad and Dakshina Kannada districts by the administrations there on Monday. Aimed at controlling the spread of Covid-19, Dharwad will be under lockdown for nine days from July 15, while in Dakshina Kannada it will be for a week from Wednesday night. While Dharwad has 1,088 virus cases, there are 2,222 infections in Dakshina Kannada. As of July 12 evening, 38,843 Covid-19 positive cases have been confirmed in Karnataka, which includes 684 deaths and 15,409 discharges. Bengaluru urban district tops the list of positive cases with 18,387 infections.


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Aug 14, 2020 14:10 IST