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Adele is making headlines for her weight loss journey

Jan 10, 2020 17:26 IST

English singer Adele is known for making headlines with her songs, but this time around it's her weight loss journey that's creating a stir on the Internet. According to People Magazine, the 31-year-old has lost about 45 kilos over the last year and fans are all praises for her body transformation. She’s, reportedly, using the Sirtfood Diet. Sirt stands for Sirtuins proteins in your body linked to metabolism and aging. They are found in foods like kale, blueberries, dark chocolate, and coffee. In the first phase, you restrict your diet to 1000 calories a day with just one meal, and then gradually increase it to about 1500 calories and two meals a day, but expert supervision is required to guide you through. Adele has not commented on her weight loss, but she just has released a new album – her first in five years.


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