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Naga Peace talks: solution in the offing?

Sep 12, 2020 21:15 IST

A solution for Naga peace talks may finally be on the cards as a closed-door meeting was held between RN Ravi, who is Centre's interlocutor and representatives of Naga National Political Groups or NNPGs. On Saturday, all stakeholders agreed to the " defining hour" for announcing an honourable solution to the decade old issue between Nagaland and Centre. The" waiting period is over" and the Centre is taking necessary steps for a solution acceptable to all, NNPG said. The working committee in its statements said that both parties wish to arrive at one solution, a solution which is a Naga solution, a people's solution. The Naga peace talks are decades-old dispute some even date back to the colonial era. The demand for a Greater Nagaland comprising of Nagaland and its neighbouring states have been an issue and part of Naga nationalism.