The Pataudis are setting vacation goals

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Why maintaining Vitamin D levels might be crucial at this time

Apr 17, 2020 18:30 IST

According to a recent study by Trinity College Dublin, the sunshine vitamin may play a crucial role in preventing respiratory infections including Covid-19. The study describes the importance of Vitamin D in boosting immunity and strengthening the respiratory system, particularly in older adults. Harvard professor David Sinclair also shared that low Vitamin D occurs in 90% of patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome, a common feature of advanced Covid-19 and is associated with longer time on ventilation. A 2017 WHO study on respiratory tract infections suggests that a Vitamin D deficiency may affect the immune system as vitamin D enhances innate immunity by regulating antimicrobial peptides, that boost mucosal defenses. The Indian Council of Medical Research recommends a daily supplement of 400 internationa unites day of vitamin D.