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Unlock: New guidelines for restaurants, hotels

Jun 05, 2020 10:15 IST

The Health Ministry on Thursday released the standard operating procedure for restaurants and hotels which included measures like allowing only asymptomatic staff and guests inside the premises and proper crowd management. The ministry asked employees who are at higher risk, like older staff members or those who are pregnant or have underlying medical conditions, to take extra precautions. For hotels and hospitality services, it asked them to ensure a proper record of the guest's travel history and medical condition, along with ID and self-declaration form. Luggage has to be disinfected before being sent to the rooms. In SOPs released for restaurants, the ministry has curtailed the seating capacity to 50 per cent. Disposable menus are advised to be used. Instead of cloth napkins, use of disposable paper napkins should be encouraged. Hotels and restaurants have been asked to continue thermal screening and use of sanitisers.