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Covid-19: Latest updates from HT Epaper

Apr 03, 2020 08:09 IST

Missing your morning newspaper? We've got you covered. Here is the latest from the Hindustan Times epaper. In less a 100 days, 93 to be proces, the coronavirus has gone from a mystery disease to a pandemic infecting over a million people globally. 50,000 people have been killed as the pandemic has impacted 203 countries. 2 lakh have recovered from the virus till now. As the number of infections crossed 2000 in India, The Indian Council of Medical Research has advised antibody tests (or blood tests) in areas that are emerging as hot spots. At least 182, that is 62%, of the 293 coronavirus disease cases in Delhi have been linked to the Tablighi Jamaat congregation that took place in Nizamuddin early in March The Centre may borrow about ₹40,000 crore to compensate cash-strapped states for their revenue shortfall under the GST regime, to tide over the lockdown blues.