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Latest Covid-19 updates from HT Epaper

Apr 27, 2020 07:52 IST

Here are the latest coronavirus updates from HT Epaper. Several states want restrictions under the national lockdown to be eased in regions that have not witnessed local outbreaks of the coronavirus disease. The issue will be discussed at a meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and chief ministers on Monday. There are also calls for curbs to remain in place in Covid-19 hotspots. Maintianing that there will be no let-up in government’s Covid-19 response, health minister Harsh Vardhan has said that the strategy will continue to remain what it has been: to aggressively look within the community for those who have been infected. "Look for them, test them, isolate them, and treat them,” he said. ((Page 4)) With their revenue falling by up to 80% in the Covid-19 lockdown that took effect on March 25 , several states have informed the Centre that they are almost broke. The states fear that they will not even be able to pay salaries unless they borrowed heavily and received interim compensation from the central government.