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5 memoirs more enticing than fiction

Aug 25, 2018 19:28 IST

Truth can often be stranger than fiction. Here are 5 memoirs that should be on the top of your reading list. #1 First up, My life as a Goddess, Comedian Guy Branum takes a look at his journey of being gay and overweight in a place he struggles to call home. #2 Francine Falk Allen talks about growing up with Polio in her book - Not a poster child #3 In Proud, Ibtihaj Muhammad talks about her experience as the first Muslim American to win an Olympic Gold. #4 In Desert and the Sea, Michael Moore talks about three years he spent captive, held by Somali Pirates #5 Everything’s Trash But its Okay is bestselling author Phoebe Robinson’s collection of essays on feminism, beauty standards, work ethic and other women’s issues.