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46th Karbi Youth Festival to begin on Feb 15th

Feb 13, 2020 16:00 IST

Preparation for the 46th Karbi Youth Festival which is one of the oldest and biggest ethnic festivals in the Northeast is nearly complete. The Festival organized by the Karbi Cultural Society(KCS) will begin with a grand procession in the morning of February 15 and festivities will continue until February 19. As part of the celebration, five performance stages have been set up namely Longmirjeng Achetia Open Stage, Singmirjeng Achetai Stage, Ru-Semsonsing Ingti Open Stage, Longbi Chedu Open Stage and the Procession ground. However, the vendors are still preparing their stalls. The reception committee will be led by Reception Committee President Mongalsing Timung EM KAAC and General Secretary Dorsing Ronghang MAC KAAC.