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Motorola One Fusion+ review: cameras

Jun 27, 2020 21:47 IST

Motorola's main focus when it comes to the One Fusion+ is the quad-camera system on the back of the phone, with the 8MP ultra-wide sensor in a separate hole at the top. Below that is the main 64MP sensor, a 5MP macro vision camera and a 2MP depth sensor. It's quite a bulky system, so if you set the phone down on the table, it does tend to rock a bit, but only when pressing down on the lower right half of the phone. Pictures with the main sensor are quite good, with crisp colours and a whole lot of detail. Some competitors have a tendency to boost saturation, but the Fusion+ keeps them quite natural. On the whole though, pictures from the main camera are adequately sharp and accurate. The ultra-wide lens produces some nice shots as well, but edges do get quite distorted when dealing with structures. However, image processing is surprisingly good, and pictures taken with this sensor don't look a whole lot different as compared to the main one. The Macro sensor didn't always deliver--focusing wasn't entirely consistent, and colours seem a bit washed out. It did get it right at times though, and took a few nice shots. The depth sensor is really good, with strong edge detection. It even manages to crop out the edges of just random daily objects quite well.

Low light picture quality is slightly hit and miss with this phone. Even with the Night Vision technology Motorola has packed in, there's a fair bit of grain in some pictures, and in a few, you can notice colour bleeding towards the darker areas. However, at times there's no trouble at all, and the phone takes really nice dramatic shots even in near-pitch darkness.

The 16MP front selfie camera is in a pop-up mechanism, and it seems as sturdy as the rest of the phone, despite the entire unit being made of plastic. Pictures taken with the selfie camera are sharp, and produce good results even in lower lighting situations. Portrait selfies with the front camera are nice too, with good edge detection.

A good thing about the Fusion+ is the plethora of camera modes packed in. There's everything from Spot Color, to Cinemagraph and Live filter, and there's some extra stuff for video too, like a macro mode. There's also the option to shoot pictures in Manual Mode, which unlocks a hidden feature--RAW image capture. On a mid-range device that costs this much, that's quite good, and it means you can take even more advantage of the high-res 64MP sensor in case you don't like the image processing Motorola's used. There's also Google Lens integration at hand, so it's certainly a very feature rich camera app.