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3 amazing food and drink skills that Alexa has

Sep 04, 2018 16:19 IST

Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa is all the rage these days. From curating grocery lists to beer pairing, here are top three food and drink skills that it offers. #1 What Beer? Alexa will now help you chose the right beer for your meal. Be it classic burgers or a pepperoni pizza, Alexa will turn into your personal beer assistant. #2 My Somm More challenging than beer, could be choosing the right wine for your meal. Alexa comes to the rescue again. It gives you top five wines to chose from that will really go well with your meal. #3 Best Recipes And finally, Alexa can also dish up top recipes based on the ingredients you have in hand. You can also streamline your research by choosing a particular meal for dinner, lunch or breakfast.