12-yr-old Surat girl takes 'diksha' to become monk | Editorji
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Jordan King arrests Prince amid coup plot rumours

Apr 05, 2021 08:08 IST | By Editorji News Desk

Jordanian authorities said on Sunday they foiled a “malicious plot” by a former crown prince to destabilise the kingdom with foreign support. King Abdullah's government has rubbished Prince Hamzah's claims that he was being punished for speaking out against corruption and incompetence.

Prince Hamzah has been placed under house arrest. Faced with rival narratives, the United States and Arab governments have quickly sided with the King.

Both Abdullah and Hamzah are sons of the late King Hussein, who remains a beloved figure two decades after his death. Upon ascending to the throne in 1999, Abdullah named Hamzah as crown prince, only to revoke the title five years later. Hamzah has at times spoken out against government policies.

Reports said that 20 others have also been arrested for working with Prince Hamzah.