Covid-19 impact: Delhi Golf Club lay-offs 66 employees

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Covid-19 impact: Delhi Golf Club lay-offs 66 employees

Jun 04, 2020 17:05 IST

National capital New Delhi's prestigious Delhi Golf Club laid off 66 employees amidst the slowdown due to covid-19. According to various reports, all employees released, worked in the food and beverage department as the club plans to outsource it now. This layoff comes despite PM Narendra Modi's request to not layoff staff during this crisis as the former employees have now written to the PM requesting for a solution. Some of the club's prestigious members including former Delhi lieutenant governor Najeevb Jung wrote to the club authorities urging them to take back their decision. According to various reports, the club has around 70 crore in fixed deposits and earns close to 18 crore a year approximately through subscriptions, despite paying just a little over 2 crore to the government for the lease of the grounds in the heart of the national capital.