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Facebook suspends poet K Satchidanandan’s account over satirical video mocking BJP

May 09, 2021 17:37 IST | By Editorji News Desk

Facebook on Saturday suspended Malayalam poet and former secretary of National Sahitya Academy K Satchidanandan’s account after he posted a satirical video mocking BJP’s loss in the Assembly elections in Kerala.

The video is a movie clipping of Adolf Hitler addressing his soldiers after defeat with added Malayalam commentary about Amit Shah and BJP leaders speaking to their party workers.

The account was suspended for 12 hours. According to the social media platform Satchidanandan violated ‘community standards’ and has been prohibited from holding a Facebook Live for 30 days.

The poet also received a warning from Facebook earlier when he posted medical journal Lancet’s article criticising PM Modi’s handling of the pandemic.

Calling it a clear suppression of freedom of speech, the poet alleged that there is a conspiracy between the government and Facebook. He also added that there is massive surveillance by the BJP IT cell and the situation is becoming very tyrannical.

The BJP has denied any role in the incident. National Democratic Alliance convenor in Kerala PK Krishna Das said that it is for Facebook to explain and the BJP at the state and Centre has no involvement in the suspension of the account.

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