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Explained: Dos and Don'ts after COVID-19 vaccine dose

Apr 24, 2021 12:35 IST | By Editorji News Desk

It's been more than a year since the first case of novel coronavirus was detected. Little did anyone know that the contagion would bring the world to a standstill, cause a shutdown of economic activities globally and lead to so many deaths.

So far, more than 1.30 crore people have received a coronavirus vaccine in India. India’s vaccines are absolutely safe and while there have been no cases reported of any adverse effects, some recipients have claimed to experience certain side effects or mild illness. This however should not stop us from getting the vaccination, as it is the only way forward out of this. 

For the most part, getting a Covid-19 vaccination shouldn’t change any of your typical health, fitness or wellness routines, or at least not for more than a day or two.  

Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind after getting vaccinated.

A recipient of the vaccine is monitored at the vaccine centre itself to guard against any immediate severe allergic reactions. People are allowed to leave only after it has been ascertained that that is not the case.

Side effects like pain at the injection site and fever are common. This is no reason to panic. Some other side effects like chills and fatigue might also be expected, but these go away in a few days. It typically takes a few weeks after vaccination for the body to build protection (immunity) against the virus.

A person could still get infected by Covid-19 in the few days immediately following the vaccination because the person would not have had enough time to develop immunity. Therefore, basic precautionary measures must be followed- face masks, hand hygiene and physical distancing in public places are an absolute non negotiable. 

Lastly, the vaccination protects an individual against the virus, but no vaccine has 100 percent efficacy. If you still show symptoms of COVID-19, get yourself tested.