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Air pollution: Kejriwal seeks meeting with CMs of neighbouring states

Oct 19, 2020 18:04 IST

PTI, New Delhi: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal requested Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar on Monday to hold monthly meetings with the CMs of Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and UP to curb air pollution, saying there was a lack of political will at the level of the states to address the issue. In a virtual press briefing, he said the affected states have been unable to reach an agreement to stop stubble burning and prevent air pollution. "I believe the pollution due to stubble burning can be controlled in a short span of time. But a lack of political will is visible in doing that," he said. Kejriwal said the crop residue can be biodegraded or converted into biogas, coal and even cardboard. The paddy straw can be converted into compressed biogas or cooking coal which some factories are doing in Karnal in Haryana, he said, adding crop residue can be "converted into an opportunity" within a year, provided there are sharp timelines to move away from stubble burning. Kejriwal requested the Union environment minister to hold monthly meetings with the chief ministers of Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and UP to find a solution to the deteriorating air in the National Capital Region.