अनूठी प्रतिभा: उम्र 8 साल...जानकारी पूरे 'ग्लोब' की - अनूठी प्रतिभा: उम्र 8 साल...जानकारी पूरे 'ग्लोब' की | Editorji Hindi
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Bengaluru scientists discover possible cure for Alzheimer's disease

Feb 28, 2021 11:30 IST | By Editorji News Desk

In what is being called a major medical breakthrough, a team of scientists in Bengaluru, have discovered a possible cure for Alzheimer's disease.

Scientists from the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR) in Jakkur, Bengaluru and an Indian-origin scientist at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, have developed a molecule called TGR63.

In animal studies, the molecule has shown the ability to disrupt the mechanism through which neurons become dysfunctional, leading to Alzheimer's.

It was effective in not only halting the disease but even reversing it. Mice with advanced stage of Alzheimer's showed improvement in thinking skills and memory within a span of a few days. Human trials of the molecule are the next step for the scientists.