Navalni's condition deteriorates, sent to prison hospital - रूसी राष्ट्रपति पुतिन के विरोधी नवलनी की हालत बिगड़ी, जेल के अस्पताल भेजा गया | Editorji Hindi
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Juventus fines their star footballers for breaching Covid-19 protocols

Apr 02, 2021 13:58 IST | By Editorji News Desk

Juventus players Paulo Dybala, Arthur and Weston McKennie were fined by their club for breaching Covid-19 protocols set by the club. The trio reportedly attended a house party which is banned by the club as it had more than 20 people attending. Apart from the club rules, the local rules also do not permit parties and gatherings between 10 pm and 5 am due to a surge in cases in Italy. The three footballers have publically apologised for their actions.