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Lawsuit filed against US Dept of Labour over new H1B visa rules

Oct 20, 2020 10:55 IST

17 individuals and organisations on Monday filed a lawsuit in the US District Court of Columbia against the US Department of Labour, challenging the new rules on H1-B visas that aim to bring parity in wages being paid to non-US workers. The plea says, increase in the prevailing wages will manifestly not benefit US economic growth or any workers; study after study has shown that H-1B visa holders create American jobs. Alleging that it is a poorly drafted and improperly issued rule, critics claim that the rule does not comply with the procedure and is arbitrary, incorrect and irrational. The H1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows US companies to employ foreign workers in speciality occupations that require theoretical or technical expertise. It is most sought-after among Indian IT professionals.